back to article Salesforce chief trades barbs for Larry love

After years of fighting and trading shots, has signaled a time out in the Web 2.0 switching and culture war with Oracle. Marc Benioff,'s chief executive, has not just guested at Oracle's OpenWorld event with a speaking turn: He also delivered a message of co-existence with his business- …


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Bad headline

Got me thinking this was a story about Alabama 3... is the only Larry Love ANYONE needs in their heart.

Sweet pretty country acid-house all night long!


Tom Paine beat me to it

Exile on Coldharbour Lane had some cool songs. Certainly the producers of The Sopranos thought so. There's also a minor connection with the criminal underworld in that one of the band is related to Ronnie Biggs.

I was even inspired by 'Converted' when doing an epilogue at my church's youth club.

'Mao Tse Tung' and 'U Don't Dance To Tekno Anymore' are classics. Don't you go to Goa either, little man in your spandex psychedelic shorts.

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