back to article PS3-controlling phone launched in Blighty

Sony Ericsson has finally released the first mobile phone able to control the PlayStation 3. But your pockets had better be deep, because the handset could cost you more than the console itself. Aino_0001 Sony Ericsson's Aino: the first PS3-compatible phone First unveiled back in May, Aino enables gamers to remotely turn …


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Found it Cheaper

Looks like a nice phone and if you can't afford the Satio then the Aino looks like a good back-up.

I dont own a PS3 but my mate is a total fan boy and will know doubt by this to see exactly what he can do with it.

Anyway whilst looking for him i found it cheaper at - £369, Expansys seem very high at £420?

Link -

Can you post proper links on here?

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