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With Windows 7 ready to bite, the recession drawing to a close - maybe - and a certain optimism crossing the land, we’ll soon enter the season for desktop upgrades. But seriously, what’s the rationale for keeping an up-to-date desktop environment? In our latest live webcast, on the 3rd November, 2009 at 11am, we tackle this …


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> What are the advantages, both in business and IT management terms, and what is the cost impact of an up-to-date desktop estate?

Not a lot, it still doesn't do much more than XP for business users.

> What capabilities are available in modern hardware, and how can they best be exploited?

New capabilities exploited? We're swapping to Macs and Linux...

>What kind of reception can Windows 7 expect when it is launched, and what impact will it have?

Meh, and Meh. It's everything Vista should have been, but it still doesn't add anything to what XP can do. It's "good enough", but doesn't give anyone a reason to upgrade.

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