back to article Cisco rewards bit twiddlers in router-to-server contest

If you're an IT shop using one of the seven million AXP routers from Cisco Systems and you have some time on your hands, then you just missed an opportunity to make some coin. Cisco has announced the winners of a contest, called Think Inside The Box, that asked bit-twiddlers and server tweakers to come up with interesting …


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QUOTE:Third prize, for $20,000, was lead by Bernhard Beckham of Germany, who created a Linux application that ran on the AXPs that interfaced with VoIP software and IP phones to do security and remote audio monitoring in offices.

Sooo, let me get this right, Cisco reward people handsomely for creating surveillance, snooping, spooking, basically apps that violate your basic human rights for average office workers?

What a great message they're conveying :-/

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