back to article Cisco readies rack servers for the holidays

Back in early June, server wannabe Cisco Systems launched its C-Series rack-based x64 servers, companions to the B-Series blade servers that came out in March as part of its "California" Unified Computing System. Cisco got its first taste of the trials and tribulations of the server racket when the B-Series blades shipped later …


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I still say the memory:cpu core ratio is way outta whack on those Cisco Xeon 5500 systems. Of course that limitation is on the Intel side.

I'd much, much rather have the Sun X4440, which gets you 4 sockets, 24 cores, and 32 DIMMs in a 2U form factor. This box has been shipping for some time now.

I don't think anyone in their right mind would use 8GB dimms today.

I suppose we'll see if the current breed of 5500-based systems will be easily upgradeable to the 8-core version when it comes out, if so then great.

As for blades, I really like the HP c-Class Istanbul blades that came out in June, built in 10GbE virtualconnect, and 16 dimm slots with of course 12 cores.

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