back to article Online banking scams overshadow plastic fraud slide

UK online banking fraud losses rose 55 per cent to hit £39m for the first half of 2009, according to banking industry figures published on Tuesday. The rise in banking fraud was largely blamed on more sophisticated malware-orientated tactics by cybercrooks, according to Financial Fraud Action UK (formerly the anti-fraud unit …


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>"continuing growth in the use of MasterCard SecureCode and Verified by Visa"

Doesn't make sense - the Verified by Visa scheme has led to three fraudulent transactions amongst my friends already. Ok, they would have been committed without the VbV scheme, but the bank tried really hard to hide behind it, lying about it being difficult to reset passwords...


Lies, Damned lies and ....

Of course, theft under SecureCode/3d/VbV is not classified and fraud as such a thing is impossible. Hence fraud drops as only fraudulent transactions using non 3D/... are included.

Its like how a certain police force use tricks like classifying reported purse thefts as "lost property" - and then witter on about being one of the lowest crime areas in the country.



VbV is just a way to pass the buck for CNP fraud to the merchant.

Merchants look at the losses due to not accepting VbV/3D/... against the

losses due to fraud and decide whether to use 3D or not.

Use of postcode "hotspots" by vendors are having greater impact on fraud

as many of the east european gangs work out of clearly defined postcodes

which are included in the postcode blacklists.

So next time you order something and wonder why your delivery address is rejected

its not the RMails fault - but just that you live in an area full of crooks!

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Re VbV

The buck actually gets pushed on to the customer, oh sorry, consumer/mark, as the claim is that the system couldn't possibly be wrong.

Apart from anything else, how do I know that the inserted frame is not some form of cross-site scriting scam?

I refuse to deal with any company wanting VbV (and tell them why).


Change the record, it's getting tedious...

Everyone isn't out to get you, the bank's efforts for stem fraud isn't to stop having to pay out to their customers, it is, see if you can get your heads round this: To stop fraud. Not every measure is as good as it may be, but it's better than allowing merchants to store unencrypted cardholder data and relying upon the magstripe for cards.

If you're going to bang on with conspiracy theories, at least try to site some sort of source - My mates have had their cards cloned therefore VbV is a scam doesn't really stand up. Neither does the banks are prividing systems to prevent customer data ever touching merchant computers therefore they are trying to make merchants pay for fraud.


SecureCode? hah!

Every time my mother goes to use her Maestro card, she has to reset the SecureCode password (of course she cannot remember the password. "Normal people" are not used to remembering passwords and PINs.) The questions it asks, to reset the password, are trivial to find out the answers to.

It's a complete joke.

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