back to article Microsoft and Red Hat consummate virtualization vows

Microsoft and Red Hat have now consummated vows to love and cherish each other's operating systems on their corresponding hypervisors. The interoperability pact was inked in February of this year, leading the companies to "synchronize testing" in counterpart validation programs over the months. Starting today, businesses can …


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Wot? No license?

So to run RHEL on Win you need an RHEL enterprise license, whereas to run Win on RHEL you only need to pay for support on an if you need it basis?

Linux costs, but Windows is free bar the support? Has the world gone mad?

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In Sanity, there are Virtual Cures in NeuroLinguistic Program for Sublime Projects/Real Good News.

"Has the world gone mad?" ..... By TeeCee Posted Thursday 8th October 2009 08:00 GMT

Probably, Tee Cee. And it is QuITe Alien Terrritory for Mankind

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