back to article TomTom simplifies the satnav

In an effort to move map-based drivers away from paper A-to-Zs, TomTom has created an entry-level satnav that it claimed mixes ease of use with “smart route planning”. TomTom_Start_01 TomTom's Start: the satnav made simpler? Called Start, the satnav has a two-icon UI giving users just a pair of options to choose between: …


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Does a Sat Nav with its own case, braket, Battery, charger and leads cost £300

when a Satnav with a Bezel - built into a car - ie no battery, charger, complex braket etc costs £1000+

and they wonder why we dont like car companies?

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Form without function

I had one of these briefly before sending it back. Your correspondent omitted to mention that the first run of units did not support full UK Postcode search - they backtracked on this pretty smartish and have now promised a new software release with this feature working.

Also the "thousands of Points of Interest" are not considering interesting enough to be displayed on the map as you drive. TomTom must think it would be too complicated for the target audience of fashion-conscious trendies, who prefer to see a pink surround rather than useful information on the screen,

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