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Earlier this year, Fujitsu launched a somewhat unsuccessful assault on the netbook market with its Amilo Mini UI 3250. Suffering from a slow hard drive, fiddly keyboard and ever-so-slightly-ugly chassis, it didn’t fare too well in our review. Fujitsu M2010 Fujitsu’s M2010: still room for improvement Now, just a few months …


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That annoying shift key

Is one of the reasons why I got rid of my 1000H Asus... The machine itself was great, but the amount of times when touch typing I suddenly found myself with a strange character on the line above the one I was typing on drove me mad!

Whoever designed this keyboard layout wants firing.

Other than that that machine looks so ugly, the wierd colour scheme and battery sticking out of the back like it was an afterthought.

I'd say definate fail.

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Same crap that everbody else is offering!


Some Innovation please!

This isn't significantly better than my Acer which cost me less than £200 ages ago, It has bluetooth and better battery life (unless I spent £50 on the bigger battery for mine).

On the minus side, rubbish keyboard, a bigger screen that wastes space because of the pathetic resolution (which is bad enough on an 8.9" screen so why the hell stretch it out to 10") and a Windows XP Home installation I would have to replace with something useful.

Before the netbook movement dies completely someone needs to produce something that

a. is offered with Linux (hint moblin is looking pretty fine now)

b. and/or has a 1280x something screen

c. hmm is ION overkill for a netbook ?

d. or is sub £200 or at least less than £250

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