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Double-Take is going to show its Backup and Availability products at Storage Expo in the UK next week - but be warned Backup is not back-up, it's replication. The idea Double-Take has is to rebrand its server replication software as Backup when it's used to send branch or remote office (ROBO) data to a central office for …


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NOT backup

Remote replication to a DR site is NOT a backup. It's closer to RAID 1 in concept, so if some faulty system or user deletes a file, that delete will be faithfully executed at the remote site as well.

If there's a problem replicating to the remote site, the data there can be inconsistent, since it isn't necessarily a point-in-time snapshot like a backup.

You need BOTH replication, and a backup *at the remote site*, for data security.

The more I see of DoubleTake's products (being polite there), the more I wonder if they have /any/ real-world experience or qualifications in business continuity or high availability?

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I Disagree. Replication with point in time recovery can be deemed as Backup. The points in time can be linked to whatever states you want it to be. Depends also how well long term retention works.

One example is XOsoft (now part of CA) used to analyse application behaviour to that the recovery points were at the point of consistancy with application.

In addition to Double-Take, there are new up and comming vendors that provide similar types of features. Like Cofio's AIMstor: They have the ability to do live backups that provide point in time recovery and backup all in the mix. You can perform bare metal DR recovery from those images too.

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