back to article Microsoft developing universal game action capture

Microsoft is developing a universal in-game gameplay capture system for the Xbox 360, an industry mole has claimed. The revelation comes from an unnamed developer, who – at the recent Tokyo Game Show – said: “We’d love to have video capture in our game, but why work on something that the platform holder is already developing …


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really? is this really what people want?

Ive never understood the point in watching replays in racing games, nevermind FPS

The only way I would find this entertaining is if your game is always recording and you could hit a couple of buttons to auto save the last 40 seconds or so, after you finish your game you can go back edit a fully 3D replay of e.g. a kill in COD.

You could have a clip following the bullet, then slowly zoom out swinging 90' to see the bullet take your down your target (headshot). Once you have finished editing, upload to e.g youtube, tagging your self and the person you take out in the video.

Would only be something I would do every now and again. Short clips are a good idea, but watching back a full online match 10/15minutes long... Id rather just play another match.

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How about screen capture so I can upload the images to GiantBomb?



I already have 5 or so PS3 games that do this too. It's nothing new at all.


halo 3

has most all the functionallity you want from this sort of thing in my opinion

all your games are automatically saved

well the last 25 games you play are saved

easily accessible from the theather

you can skip through the full games like chapters if you want to get to the end or something very easily

you can take mini clips within the film

and you can take screenshots from anywhere i.e not just from the point of view of the players but literally anywhere

all upload to then so you can see them all

top notch service provided

people say halo is shit

but do they really know of the service you are getting with it?


@Robert 37

"but do they really know of the service you are getting with it?"

Yea, you have to pay again to play online after buying the game, re released games, why not just have the extra maps as DLC?

As someone has already pointed out above, this is also on PS3 games without addition charges.

but do YOU really know the service you are getting?

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