back to article IBM's Exadata2 knock-off could use SVC and flash

IBM's DB2 Pure Scale project has a storage problem - storage arrays don't make good cluster nodes. Pure Scale is the rumoured Exadata 2-killer from IBM. It is thought to be a clustered implementation of IBM's DB2 database running on Power-based servers with the AIX O/S, and an InfiniBand cluster interconnect between server and …


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Rather unfair to use the EXADATA2 description

It is rather unfair describe technology that IBM has had for 15 years as an EXADATA2 knockoff. DB2 on the RS/6000sp boxes where shared-nothing MPP with message-passing when Oracle was SMP and using the disk cache controller to ping pages between instances.

Oracle is playing catchup.. the only difference being the growth of the dedicated database-computer market.. and lower infrastructure costs.

Unless Oracle can get CERN to fess-up to using its product for the LHC, you can expect IBM to trounce them again..

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Rush something to counter the EXADATA2 benchmark?

something tells me that it's highly unlikely IBM could do something in the last 6 or 7 weeks to counter whatever Oracle could be announcing. Whatever it is would have either taken years of work prior to the announcement, or just a phantom announcement with no substance.

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RE: Stephen Channell

Much as I enjoyed your Soreacle-baiting post, the potential problem I see with the IBM approach is that it is Power-based, which will probably make it expensive compared to the "commodity" Galaxy servers that Oracle plan to use in Exadata2. This may be why Larry went with an announcement of an x64-based Exadata2 rather than SPARC, maybe he already knew IBM had something in the works? Maybe he did or maybe it's just a lucky choice, but I tend to think x64 will have an edge in appeal to shops that don't want the burden of paying out for AIX admins when the Oracle offering just looks more of an "appliance". If IBM can get the pricing right, and at the same time resist the impulse to turn each sale into an IBM Global Services engagement, then they may actually have an Exadata2 denter if not an outright killer.


Are you forgetting about XIV?

RE: "a) your bog-standard storage array controller is not a cluster node, b) it doesn't have an InfiniBand (IB) link"


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