back to article Toshiba intros CULV satellites

Not much bigger than netbooks, Toshiba's new Satellite laptops show just how the once well-segmented notebook market is now just a single continuum. Launching the Satellite T110, T130 and Satellite Pro T130 this morning - though none of them will ship until late October, after the debut of Windows 7 - Toshiba executives …


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No thanks, I value my eyes

1366 on a 11 inch screen? No thanks.There are too many idiots out there that presume 75DPI for granted while using 8pt fonts.

You have three choices here:

1. Keep the DPI and fonts as-is and promptly lose your eyes - no thank you

2. Tolerate lots of broken apps and web pages which do not scale fonts properly - no thanks

3. Set font DPI at 200+. Rendering fonts at that resolution is capable to bring even a Pentium to a crawl. Bye-bye battery life as well - no thanks again

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