back to article LSI pimps out 7900 array

LSI Engenio has updated its high-end 7900 array to support more SATA drives, concurrent iSCSI and Fibre Channel support, and solid state storage. There's nothing revolutionary here, just good, solid engineering developments of LSI Engenio's dual-controller, modular array. This is a mid-range array in general terms, and sold to …


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Anonymous Coward

OEM's Pimping STEC, but what do end users say?

RAID and Array OEM's pumped up on stratospheric resale-margins love pimping STEC, but what is the end-user's real-world experience in actual production applications?

Hard to say....there's only one actual case study on STEC's web site (or anywhere else as far as I can tell) from a ZeusIOPS end-user.

But perhaps one is enough, especially if the end-user in question is a 30 yr old, very reputable publicly traded company, and so not likely to risk making false statements in public about their product.

Results? Measured in a real production storage application by a real customer, were the STEC drives 100x faster than HDD? 50X faster?

Sorry...for $13,000, the customer got an SSD that was a piddling 5X faster than the $400 HDD it replaced. Amazing...5x faster performance for only 30x more money!!!

And to think, this is the only end-user case study STEC has been able to come up with.

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