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If you caught our review of the Samsung R522, the R720 will look more than a little similar. As the name implies, though, it has a larger 17.3in display, with a glossy coating and native resolution of 1600 x 900. Naturally, this makes the chassis a fair bit bigger at 441mm wide, 273mm deep and, at its thickest point, 40mm tall. …


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How easy is it to upgrade?

How easy is it to upgrade- a few words about ease of changing the wireless card and how easy it is to remove the cooling fan and upgrade the processor, would be nice. If you plonked a T9800 and an Intel 5300 wireless card in this- it would go like a bullet. Admittedly- thats another £200- but it would be well worth it.........?


Noooo, not the numeric keypad

I have absolutely no use for a numeric keypad. If I really need one I'll buy a separate one.

On the other hand, using that space for proper arrow keys and Insert through PageDown like a standard keyboard would be a huge selling point as far as I'm concerned. I'd pay a premium for it.

Anyone else feel that way?

If you folks at the register think it's worth relaying that to laptop manufacturers then PLEASE do.

I guess they could offer a choice even but maybe it wouldn't make economic sense to have two models.

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It's a pretty...

...wretched desktop that this thing would replace.

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it IS 802.11N

i have one, got it last week. and it has an intel wi-fi link 5100 AGN adapter.

i actually DO have use for a numeric pad. it's where i put the hot keys for my DJ apps. VERY handy indeed.(i used to take a usb keyboard with my when djing for this now i don't need to!)

one of the points that i got this an insurance replacement for my (in my opinion) shitty vaio was that i could get XP drivers for it.

this is essential as the sub decks/mixer i have doesn't have vista/w7 drivers and the software is crapioca on vista and dead on w7.

thus dual booting with this is a BREEZE.

also samsung support is local to me here in Edinburgh and i know a few of the guys there. they know their stuff and are very good at what they do. i have my A+ and it's nice to speak to support dudes who are not only local but not screen reading muppets with no knowledge what so ever.

all in all a very nice laptop. would say it's a desktop replacement for my beast of a quad core with 4870 but very nice piece of kit nonetheless. i'd recommend it

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