back to article Phishing fraud hits two year high

Phishing attacks reached a record high during the second quarter of 2009, with 151,000 unique attacks, according to a study by brand reputation firm MarkMonitor. Brands in the financial and payment services sectors continue to be the favourite targets for fraudulent emails that attempt to trick users into handing over their …


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Since NO-ONE ever seems to get in any trouble for Spam, Phishing, 419 scams or any of these things, is it any wonder there are on the increase? The stupidity of users never decreases as most of us know already!

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What a lot or rubbish ....

But, in case you are still worried about becoming a victim, you can now sign up to the Internet Preference System which actively blocks ALL phishing attacks. Please note - *a small administration charge is required (see below). For complete security with this new system all fields must be filled in.

Please fill in the following details:

Full Name:

Email address:

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*Mothers maiden name:

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*Sort Code:



It's always amusing to see where the links on the emails point to. Usually there is a scattering of real links to terms and conditions, the graphics, home page etc but a quick hover over the 'reply to' shows some rather exotic locations.


Bouyant market for malware

As long as:

1. applications continue to rely on primitive forms of authentication (static username/passwords)

2. users continue to use predicatable information for passwords

There will always be a bouyant market for malware.


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More phishermen active

The volume of phishing emails that I receive has gone up dramatically this month - multiplied by a factor of about 4 for the bank with which I bank, at least doubled for others, and new bank names appear in some of them. Only a small proportion of them are trapped (because of Trojans) or warned about and result in 'access denied' (because of links to known phishing sites) by Kaspersky. My bank also sends me occasional good and useful emails... Rather frightening when you think of all those people on-line without up to date (or any) IS. Maybe I should ditch the mailbox names that they use and start a new life...

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