back to article Supersizing the data center. Not good

Off we shuffle to the Reg Library for our occasional trawl through the whitepaper section. This week we present a couple of reports that shed light on heat and power in the data center. It may be too late for the data centers you are operating today, but we think both paper will stimulate thinking for those planning new data …


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weirdly enough...

APC can provide this kind of modularization..

surprising, isn't it? *G*



You can buy gas powered fridges, they burn gas and somehow this drives a heat exchanger

Could you use the servers heat to power its aircon?

The hotter it gets the more heat it pumps away

Another idea is SOB, or System On a Brick, all your servers would be on the outside wall, if you needed more you could pop down B&Q

Web 3.0 people could choose wireless mortar

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