back to article Dell to punt Moblin for Mini 10v netbooks

Dell will tomorrow begin offering its Inspiron Mini 10v netbook with Moblin, the Intel-favoured version of Linux that was developed for mobile devices. Well, sort of. What Dell will actually be offering is Ubuntu Moblin Remix, a version of Ubuntu 9.04 with the Moblin 2.0 user interface sitting on top. Ubuntu developer …


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Non Windows Dell netbooks

Only if you live in the US of course, over here in the UK we have the choice of 1 netbook without Windows.


Looks OK, but I have some questions

To Dell:

How about releasing it outside the USA?

How about offering some hardware options?

How about selling printers that work with Linux? (Dell printers are re-badged Lexmark jobs and usually not compatible - Lexmark will not make the drivers)

To El Reg:

Are they still paying the Windows Tax for every UMR netbook sold?

Are they under restrictions for the number of models/units they are allowed to sell?

Anonymous Coward

Even if you're in the USA

Good luck finding a link to a page where you can actually purchase one. finding the Mini 10v is pretty easy, but not one with Moblin preinstalled. Of course, it'd be just as easy to buy it and install Moblin yourself, as I'm sure most Linux-savvy users would do anyway.

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