back to article Ofcom enacts Ultrawide Band

UK regulator Ofcom has set out the regulations under which Ultrawide Band radio connections can be used, despite the fact that no-one seems very interested in deploying UWB right now. Ofcom's considered response is in stark contrast to the initial legalisation, which was rushed through against the fear of grey imports flooding …


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I gleefully unwrapped my first UltraWideBand USB 4 port hub and UWB USB access stick, plugged them in at opposite sides of the lab, and 'lo, they worked! I transferred a big movie in minutes. So then fired up the newish Tektronix real-time-spectrum-analyser, waved a probe in the air near the UWB stuff. ~Not a sniff of RF signal! LNA amp on the vivaldi antenna, still nothing. remove 1.25 metre Satellite dish from roof, mount Sat dish upside down in lab laser-pointed at the UWB hub, added 10dB gain wideband vivaldi antenna at feedpoint, 1dB noise figure LNA and, yes started to see the data. Ultrawideband is really a low probability of intercept, low probability of detection signal!

now we've tested devices from Belkin, Iogear, Olidata, Wisair etcetera & looked at the detect and avoid (interference) mechanisms, established a reasonable spectrum mask for in-car use, performed conducted and OTA tests

I think a lot of the hardware is still in alpha or early beta phases. I can't get any of the UWB devices to stream a webcam. It has a great potential for house/office informatics wiring replacement, ultra safe low power, high data rate and very secure.

it's definitely a GO, just as you say Bill, When!!??

Big Brother

people want real 1GigE+ wireless throughput not crumby UWB half gig at best

people want real 1GigE+ wireless throughput to a range of at least 100 foot plus,not some crumby UWB half gig at best for a VERY limited range, and probably a lot less in real generic conditions.....

we want simple plug in and go WWAN/WLAN tunneled end to end auto secure Mesh, and REAL Wireless 'Bonding; so we can simply go out and buy several units plug them in and make our current thin pipes a LOT FATTER as time passes and finances allow...

when if ever are we going to get this basic need and want from the OEM's, the regulators have NO CLUE and are killing real innovation, NOT encuraging it with tax breaks for maximising the limited airwaves in community WWAN/WLAN settings...

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