back to article Yahoo! instant log-ins take new OAuth

Yahoo! has combined OpenID instant log-ins with OAuth data swapping. In other words, after logging in to a third party web site with your Yahoo! account, you can now swap profile data, contacts, and other info between the two. On Friday afternoon, with a post to the Yahoo! Developer Network blog, the web giant announced its …


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Yahoo are idiots.

Yahoo used to be a simple to use reliable e-mail service. Now the site is cluttered with useless links and services -- it offered to notify my mobile of new mails, I applied and it assumed I was in the Ukraine.

I prefer to use the US portal for news, but Yahoo detects that I'm in the UK (this time) and impertinently over-rides my Home Page choice, sending me to the UK site full of nonsense about Z-list celebs in London.

Worse, the site is frequently marred by intrusive Flash ads -- meatballs raining on my e-mail text from some kids cartoon movie ad ? Keyboard freezes as the Flash hogs all resources. Only solution, crash out of my browser of choice and use Firefox with Flash blocking.

Hotmail is a refuge by comparison -- Microsoft didn't have to offer to buy Yahoo, the present management are simply destroying the business for them.


So does this mean ...

... that we can now use Yahoo's insecure backend APIs to get free password-guessing attempts against people's OpenIDs now? Kewl!

Paris Hilton

This Will Make It Easier....

For the bottom-feeders!

Really, all these "conveniences" to push the users to "affiliates" are:

1)Not all that convenient for the end-user

2)Another cost for the affiliates with lame offerings nobody wants anyway

3)A useful aggregate for the parasites who prefer options.

4)Profit for Wahoo for doing nothing

Paris has a similar business model: Profit from vapor!

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Yahoo and Google sharing private data?

...And with federal interest? No.

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