back to article AT&T juices PC rescue service with Intel's Fast Call for Help

Intel and AT&T are cuddling up to provide remote help-desk support for small and midsized businesses. That is, if those companies' laptops and desktops support Intel's vPro hardware-assisted remote management and security technology - here's Intel's list of those that currently do. The service, announced yesterday and …


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A very eloquent and informative title

And then there's the problem of Mr. Joe A. Hacker taking over your network. Remotely. Without the need to find an OS-specific vulnerability. Absolutely fantastic.

Remote-access BIOS 'Trojans' like vPro are risky in a LAN and need careful consideration of risks and advantages - but allowing access from the internet at large? That's cracker's (and orwellian government's) wet dream...


so how's this supposed to work again?

"to establish an encrypted link between a remote Tech Support 360 technician and the failed PC, even if the PC has suffered a hardware, OS, or network failure, or has been corrupted by a virus or other malware."

Network failure - you can't talk to computer

hardware (harddrive) failure - you can't talk to anything but mobo

hardware (power supply) failure - you can't talk to computer

yeah, uh huh; i can see this working already.

it's friday...time for a brew.


So you're going to trust ATT

And have them anywhere near your computer. Aren't these the ones letting NSA and who knows who else snoop all internet and phone traffic. Oh yeah, I want them snooping my computer....NOT

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