back to article Facebook hack service smells fishy

Eastern European hackers are offering to crack into any Facebook account for a fee of $100, payable online through Western Union, though circumstantial evidence suggests that the scheme might just as easily be geared towards ripping-off potential clients while delivering nothing. The Facebook hacking service, offered by …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    here's my credit card details mr hacker.

    A fool and their money are easily parted... especially a temininally stupid fool who knowingly gives an eastern european "hacking" group their payment details.

  2. Sampler
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    For four years?

    If facebook opened to all users on Sept 26 2006 how can they have been doing this for four years? Unless they were hacking the old high school/college version. Which they weren't, as this is such a scam :D

  3. Anonymous Coward

    don't tell me ...

    .....that Moscow registered domain, wouldn't be hosted on a "bulletproof" host, and connected to the dreaded RBN ?

    Had grief from those guys before, trying to infest a friends forum to distribute keyloggers.....Fail, thankfully.

  4. adnim Silver badge

    A dog called...


    I am sure that there are many Facebook users that supply enough information within their profiles for a reasonably smart person to infer their logon credentials.

    This is a guess on my part, I have never visited Facebook, though I can see advantages of examining the profiles of any persons one may have to interact with in meatspace.

    There is a site out there called, can you guess what services they offer?

  5. Pirate Dave

    Western Union

    During the day, they promise to hack facebook accounts for $100 by Western Union. At night, they glam-up the Russian bride websites promising they'll come love you long time if you'll only send them $2,500-$5,000 by Western Union, and they PROMISE to pay it back. It's just a loan. Yeah, right.

    Might as well help Colonel Mtumbo's widow get the $24,000,000 out of Nigeria, at least then I'd get half...

  6. A J Stiles


    I remember a similar scam involving a service claiming to be able to hack other people's AOL accounts; you just had to provide the hackers with your screen name, password and the screen name of the intended victim.

    There's a saying they use from time to time in The Big Blue Room: "Nobody would ever be stupid enough to fall for that."

    It obviously doesn't apply on the Internet.

  7. Richard Cartledge
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    For $100 I would let them have my password!

  8. Lord Elpuss Silver badge

    Don't tell them

    Anybody who contracts to hack somebody else's facebook account is clearly up to no good and deserves anything they get.

  9. canuckastainian

    Yup, a scam

    A sociopath I knew paid $250 to some Turkish kids that offered him MSN and Facebook password hacks for his ex-wifes accounts. He told me the story and how upset he was to be taken advantage of, I burst out laughing then called him a tool.

  10. Matthew Anderson

    @ Jeremy 3

    They paid via Western Union, so no, not giving Mr Nasty their credit Card details.


  11. Anonymous Coward
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    Scum feeding of the bottom feeders in the great internet chain!

    Gotta love what the internet has become haven't you?

  12. ratfox Silver badge
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    There has been for years videos on youtube explaining how to find the password of another user. Every time, the method necessitated sending your own login and password to some weird e-mail address purported to be an official Blizzard account (say,

    Ha, just found another one. The guy says he has found a way to generate codes for gamecards from unused codes. So just send him the code of a unused gamecard, and he'll send you back plenty of other codes that will work. He'll get right up to it, yessir!

  13. Winkypop Silver badge

    Facebook and fools...

    What's the difference?

  14. Lawrence 7

    Anal Intruder Scam

    The Old Anal Intruder Dildo Scam, Money back Guarantee but the guarantee is you will never cask that money back cheque because of embarrassment, or in this case, Illegality.

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