back to article Sears told to destroy data gathered by online tracking software

US retailer Sears has been ordered to destroy all the customer data it collected from a piece of online tracking software that consumer regulator the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) said was unfairly used. The FTC said that while customers had been warned that, once downloaded, software would track their browsing, it had in …


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  1. Anonymous Coward

    If I Wrote Something Like That...

    ...I'd be thrown in jail, not told it's OK to keep doing it, with a bigger "You'll get screwed" sign.

    Bank records? Secure bank transactions? Shopping carts?

    If I were a Sears competitor, I'd be reaching for my lawyers around now...

  2. James Micallef Silver badge
    Thumb Up

    Of course they were ordered to destroy the data

    Only the US gov is allowed to illegally snoop on your private life

  3. Gav
    Big Brother

    Who wants it?

    "Sears paid some visitors to and $10 to participate in a scheme to monitor their browsing via "research software"."

    But who is really that interested in the browsing habits of people that stupid and that desperate for $10? I mean, I could understand the value of collecting data from cash rich, discerning browsers. But all they've got here is a heap of info on foolish poor folk. Not exactly a prized market.

  4. Anonymous Coward

    Sears sucks

    Google the above for a real eyeful of just how vile and anti-consumer this company is.

    Low quality merchandise, lousy customer support, worthless "warranties", incompetent bookkeeping, predatory credit practices, Sears is a poster child for everything that is WRONG with business.

    Karl Marx would have been vindicated.

  5. Chris Robinson 1

    bad Sears, dumb sheeple...

    I'm wondering who would be stupid enough to download and install a "research app" that "monitors browsing", without reading the EULA, all for a measley 10 bucks?

  6. Jim Noeth 1

    A point of clarification

    The article states that Sears owns K-Mart, but, it's actually the other way around. K-Mart owns Sears.

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Remind me please

    Why we don't regulate the daylights out of companies treatment of their customers, business or consumer, till they squeal with pain and blood starts to flow? Oh yeah, corruption, I forgot.

    They should have been fined a tenner for each and every piece of information on every customer that went beyond "reasonable" and banned from collecting any data at all for 5 years. maybe the others would think twice.

  8. Jesse Dorland

    How sad...

    Whose rear end Sears forgot to kiss?

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