back to article HP chases Cisco with ProCurve blade switches

Hewlett-Packard is getting its converged networking act together. Today, the company announced two new ProCurve switches for its BladeSystem c-Class chassis, and one of them sports 10 Gigabit Ethernet connectivity, with the promise of supporting converged enhanced Ethernet, the soon-to-be-standardized protocol that rips off …


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cut cables in half

Woohoo! Now I can have 4 cables coming out of my blade chassis instead of 8, what a marvel!

FCoE pisses me off, in the surface it sounds promising then you get into the details and it falls apart, not really converging anything beyond the aggregation layer.

give me 10GbE iSCSI converged adapters, so I can use the same ol CAT5 or CAT6 cabling for everything, and not have to be concerned whether or not a particular port supports "convergence" or not. And yes there are multiple switch vendors that support 10GbE over CAT5.

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