back to article Amazon cops to stalled data center

Amazon has acknowledged that it's behind the 116,700-square-foot data center no longer under construction on the banks of the Columbia River in Boardman, Oregon. After construction began on the $135m facility last year, a local paper pegged Amazon as the tenant. But only now, as weeds pop up around the unfinished facility, has …


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Pricking the Bubble.... Releasing the Hot AIR Spinning Machine


Just in case you don't know what is happening ...... forewarned is forearmed and all that. This was reported earlier, and is Registered because it is the IT Virtualisation Giants who have All the Answers to Patch/Fix/Repair/ReBuild the System's Systems .... Remotely with ACs.


15 Sep 09, 4:19am

"Fama believed investors couldn't beat the market, since all known facts and opinion about a company were instantly reflected in its share price."

And there is the flaw which guarantees another even more severe markets and accompanying dollar collapse, because it is perceived facts and pumped up/sexed up opinions about a company which are reflected in its share price.

All known facts are never known in the Mind Game that they play. And you will discover many successful businesses are just market scams to give the impression of a wide spread of power and enterprise, whenever the reality is that it is a massive Ponzi fronting an Impossible Dream.

And this is the sort of thing which is going on, creating unreal wealth that disappears in an instant with the bursting of its bubble. .....

The greater damage though is to the System which is touted as being in charge of its own policing against such practices but is actually dependant upon them for its Survival...... which is obviously a suicidal path to inevitable ruin.

It is also the case that as easy as a Rebuild is, it is much easier to Collapse and Destroy the existing Faulty Virtual Machinery to clear the Field of Toxic Present Making Assets which are a Pathetic Future Liability, and as you can imagine there is Strong Intelligent Support for such a Cleansing/Purge/Surge for the System is proving itself to be intellectually incapable of learning ITs lessons, as we all know only to well .....

Without IT and Media in Control and Support of Systems, are non IT and Media Systems at their Beck and Call/Gracious Mercy, and the True Colour and Dire Straits Condition of Compromised Systems suddenly becomes All to Apparent, which extraordinarily renders the Green Shoots/Past the Worst/Signs of a Recovery Messenger/Manager/Tool as a Fool Puppet on a Ponzi Errand for a False Friend, invariably strutting about in the Bunker behind the Scenes as if everything is under Control and going exactly as to Plan ........ Sadly playing the Role of Nero rather than Neo .....[Nero, "the most infamous, cheating, owner-charioteer in the history of the 12 centuries of Olympic festivals"]

Which such Friends, who needs Enemies whenever they so generously Supply them to you to SmokeScreen and Distract Attention away from their Great Game Plays.

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