back to article Motorola makes first Android phone

Motorola has officially joined the Android revolution, launching its first mobile phone running the Google OS. Dext, a Qwerty slider, offers a 3.2in touchscreen display and reasonably decent integrated 5Mp camera - images from which can be stored on Micro SD cards of up to 32GB capacity. The phone’s lens will also happily …


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  1. Conrad Longmore
    Thumb Up


    Motorola in Decent Handset Shock!

    Whatever next?

  2. Lord Elpuss Silver badge

    Oh look...

    ... it's a TyTN II.

    2006 called, they want their design team back.

  3. Yorkshirepudding

    a motorolla

    so its still gonna be shit anyway

    /dons flameproof jacket

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Forget the iPhone

    Android will be the dominant phone OS soon enough.

  5. Blacklight

    It does have Bluetooth...

    Specs are at

  6. Danny 14 Silver badge

    Integrated memory?

    What about the integrated memory? The bane of android phones since applications can only be installed onto integrated memory. If it is paltry then another bodged attempt.

  7. My Opinion


    At least try and spell Motorola correctly - please.

    There's a big clue in the article's title!

  8. ilovemynips

    Gotta agree with Danny 14 here...

    If there's little to no integrated memory it could be an issue (unless you're able to install apps to mem cards now, been a while since I had an android phone)

    Moto have had a fair few nice looking phones in the past (if a little obscure) the only real thing letting them down for me was their sluggish OS. I quite like Android (not enough to stop me going back to the iPhone though) so have my fingers crossed for them this one takes off.

    Looks pretty decent - Maybe they can replicate Palms success at coming back from the brink

  9. Anonymous Coward
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    I had a good Moto once

    quite some time back...when Nokia started to lose focus, I swapped to a Motorola device - it was fun, quick and funcky and did all the good Phone/txt stuff like Nokia used to... but then it started to show its age and Nokia started to make 'better' phones. Choice between an iPhone and an N96 - took the N96 as I had friends with iPhones and they couldnt do all kinds of things... since then new OS releases have come out to fix their phones (and no new OSs have come out to fix Nokias ;-))

    anyway...I guess the point I was going to make'd be good if Motorola were back into the business of making good handsets - I'll look forward to giving this un a spin

  10. Robert E A Harvey

    chains and anchors

    Another tied release.



  11. Anonymous Coward

    Proximity Sensor

    What use is a Proximity Sensor ?

    iPhone 3GS doesn't have one so it can't be of much use !

    No idea on price... do I go for a 3GS this weekend or wait until 25 September ?

  12. My New Handle

    will be available through Orange...

    Oh well, thats it knackered then.

    Orange, that mobile network operator famed for massively affortable mobile data tariffs [not]

    @AC - "Forget the iPhone" - Well, you could try, but it'll be there in your face for quite some time yet. Better get used to it before you have an angina attack. "Android will be the dominant phone OS..." a bold bet indeed, but the competition is very much more than the OS, as Symbian and WinMo are finding out. Android manufacturers will also.

    @Danny 14 - You're bang on there sir. HTC Androids have paltry integrated memory and Cupcake doesn't allow for live apps on SD. Install too many and the HTC Magic (f'rinst) slows down horribly, even running single apps. WTF? why are manufacturers drip-feeding us integrated memory?

    Good luck to Motorola - boo hiss to Orange for getting this, hopefully not exclusive though.

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