back to article Orange data users turning red as data dries up

Orange's data network is heading titsup across the UK, with both cellular and broadband networks affected and little in the way of explanation. The problems appeared this morning with mobile users unable to check mail on the way in to work. The mobile data problems are said to be affecting users countrywide. We're now getting …


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  1. Anonymous Coward

    who'd notice?

    My broadband seems to have largely unaffected

    However, since I'm lucky to get 2Mb/s on my "up-to" 8Mb/s connection during the day, maybe I have been affected and just didn't notice. If it's still giving problems this evening, when other local people have the effrontery to also want to access t'internet, and my rate drops to between 500 and 800 Kbs, there will no point in asking me at all.

  2. af1

    This is ridiculous

    I am trying to start up a business and internet access is very important to me; contacting suppliers, liaising with potential customers... with no broadband this is completely impossible...

    I'm typing this now, but i have no idea if it will be published because by the time i have written this the connection will probably disappear again!

    My router status shows myself as being connected, with an IP address and everything but try and enter a web address and you get nothing!

    I phoned up technical support and got a pre-recorded message telling me that there is a problem and they dont know how long the outage will last for!

    First thing i did when finally connecting to the internet was go to the orange home page for some kind of explanation, what do i get on the hope page, a big advert asking if i wanted to sign up for home broadband... i dont think so do you!

    Ironically i got a call from BT yesterday trying to sell me 'super fast broadband' kind of wish i had said yes now!

    Sort it out Orange yeah?



  3. Pete 13
    Thumb Down

    It's Back!

    After a frustrating morning of no Orange Broadband, ours is now back at 12:30pm. Is it T Mobile that's looking to merge with Orange, or is it Gmail?

  4. Daniel Gould
    Thumb Up

    That explains why

    my Blackberry was showing 'edge' instead of 'EDGE' this morning. I've happily switched to UMA now using my home broadband (non-Orange) and getting full service again

    Wonder if it's anything to do with their planned merger with T-Mobile ? Giving us a taster of the level of service we can expect in the future maybe ??? :-)

  5. Robert Hill

    The TIMING

    Bill, the timing of this article, co-inciding with the "Too much spectrum for T-Orange" article is, er, unfortunate, at least if this problem can be laid at the feet of data network loads. And I would take that bet...

  6. Anonymous Coward

    If it's a Blackberry issue

    how come my home broadband was dead this morning?!!!!

  7. J. Simon van der Walt

    Broadband down most of the morning

    Broadband was down most of the morning here, just come back up at about 1240. At least customer services admittted to me straight away there was a problem, instead of passing me off to the stupid and expensive tech support like they usually do.

  8. Tom Chiverton 1

    Fine in Manchester

    3G data working fine here...

  9. Dangerous Dave


    Not just my O2 data that's up and down like a whores drawers then

  10. John Robson Silver badge

    Down - -

    flicking between 50 and 100% packet loss much of the morning, our house seems to be back now though...

  11. Andy ORourke

    Not using COLT fore backhaul are they?

    title says it all ;-)

  12. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down

    No connection all morning

    ... on all data services including blackberry services. :-(

  13. Nick P

    It's bad

    I can confirm that, for me in Birmingham, both Orange Broadband and BIS/GPRS are misbehaving quite badly.

    I phoned 156 just now (11:10) and was told that "everything is down". I asked for an ETA for a fix and was told "we're just waiting". I'm not slagging off the person at 156 (they're very good when there's a problem that they can actually fix) but it sounds like something pretty bad has happened.

  14. Shades

    It may have...

    ...started earlier than you think. The missus couldn't get online (broadband) last night at 11:30pm. Thats in North Staffordshire if it helps.

  15. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Broadband is completely down for me at home

    The annoying thing is that Orange's helpline is saying there's nothing wrong.

  16. Evil Auditor Silver badge

    To state the obvious

    "no official word on the cause as yet" How could they without their means of communication?


  17. Bilgepipe

    Just wait a while

    Not to worry, I'm sure by the end of the first decade of the 21st century these humungous telcos will have reached the point where they can balance profits against keeping their network up and running. Just wait and see.

  18. Apocalypse Later

    Actually it was last night...

    ...when the data stopped flowing. I was happily surfing when everything just stopped. The mobile broadband connection module still showed a good signal, but nothing was coming through.

    So today I am using the O2 mobile broadband dongle instead. Unusually, they are up today.

  19. Nik Owen

    And they were doing so well!

    Having had my BB for 3 months things were going so well!

    How we miss email on the way into work, but no annoying alerts filling the car this morning.

    It'sd not as bad as the story reads, a quick reboot and all is back in the world of mobile office (alerts included) did someone put a few iPhones on the network?

  20. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    Some users...

    Myself not being in that list (as of 12:00 Thurs).

    Paris - cos she'd be a bit red too if she dried up.

  21. Anonymous Coward

    Orange Service - Newcastle area

    Was broken for a while yesterday morning, working fine now.

    Upgrade gone wrong ?

  22. Anonymous Coward

    re: We're sure that T-Mobile will be watching

    >> We're sure that T-Mobile will be watching closely to see what kind of operation it's committed itself to merging with.

    And probably thinking - we can shave a few million off of support costs and get it down to our level of phone coverage

  23. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Getting service levels in line with T-mobile then

  24. Anonymous Coward

    Kettle & pot...

    ROFLMAO - I work at Orange; for the last few weeks they've been puuting up posters in the toilets above the urinals with a Telegraph story about O2 data network outages and losing iPhone exclusivity - I guess what goes around comes around!

  25. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Tell me about it...

    Infact the fault started last night, was around 23:00 I think when I lost my broadband in the middle of some surfing.

    Checking that my DSL was up so it didnt look like a local fault to me line, I decided life was too precious than to endure the Orange Broadband Non-Technical Support telling me to clear temporary files and reboot PC for a sympton that can be nothing but a network level issue.

    I do see a dribble of life on the service now and again, I can get maybe one 1 successful ping out of a 100 through, and my firewall logs show only a single packet of the usual internet noise managing to hit my router about once an hour.

    Strangely i'm on Orange mobile also, but the 3G data has been OK in the same area is OK.

  26. Jimbo09990

    Status page

    Why doesn't Orange have a network status page???

    I can't find anything on their site about this problem or when its going to be fixed.

  27. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down

    It's life Jim, but not as we know it...

    My broadband connect started dropping last night and it's been dead ever since. A collegue's Crackberry on Orange has been down as well.

    Apparently it is Orange's "highest priority".

  28. Shades

    What was possibly wrong...

    ...with my comment stating that my girlfriends (Orange) broadband was down at 11:30 last night, so it didn't just happen this morning?

    Apple is evil... because usually anything stating Apple is evil gets published! ;-)

  29. James 5

    Business is important...

    af1 says "I am trying to start up a business and internet access is very important to me; contacting suppliers, liaising with potential customers... with no broadband this is completely impossible..."

    To which I ask - "Why are you using Orange for broadband?".

    Our business is also important to us. We've used one smallish ISP for years with very, very little problem and a very high level of support.

    We don't touch any of the "big" players simply because they are too big to offer a good reliable service... as reports on the Register continue to show.

    Before getting broadband it's worth checking this:

    which is NOT concerned purely with price! What does it matter if you're paying an extra £200.00 per year if your £200,000 turnover is killed by lack of service from your cheaper ISP !

  30. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Fine in gloucestershire... least for me anyway :)

  31. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    @AC in gloucestershire

    Not fine in Worcestershire ...

    Went down last night around 11pm - the line was still synced so I left it till this morning. It was still bad at 8am so I decided to reboot the router - now I cannot authenticate :(

  32. Ventilator
    Black Helicopters

    Going down

    My Girlfriend is on Orange BB, was Ok for her at 07:00 this morning, crashed about 08:00, still off at the moment.

    Wonderful MS Network diagnostics told her that there was a problem with the (perfectly functioning) wireless connection between her (WinXP) PC and the router!!!

    I'd like to echo Jimbo09990's comment about a status page on the Orange website. Why isn't there one? Orange too afraid to admit they may have problems, perhaps?

    Well done Orange for keeping your customers fully informed and living up to your 'excellent customer service' standards. In case there are any Orange people (I'm sure they'd stand out in a crowd!) reading this, yes, that was sarcasm.

  33. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Still no time to fix...

    Latest update: "Cable and Wireless have logged a fibre break out to BT and an engineer is on site and investigating at the present time. More updates to follow"

  34. MTField

    Problems from 9pm

    For me here in southern Oxfordshire, the problems started at 9pm. The Wi-Fi box showed it had sync but no packets were being transfered at all.

    I called Orange Technical Support to hear a recorded message saying and I quote "Due to technical reasons we cannot take your call!" so I assumed then and there that it was a major outage and their switchboard was inundated with calls.

    Called their network status number last night around 11pm and they had no reported issues with the network. i called again this morning at 8am and they were reporting "authentication issues" for "some customers". Broadband web access eventually came back up today at around 12pm.

  35. Ventilator

    Going down part 2...

    Forgot to mention that my girlfriend lives in the Midlands around the Leicestershire/Warwickshire border....seems from those who've stated a location that this is centred around the this anything to do with that recent survey that stated people would leave the area if they could? Have Orange taken it too literally?

  36. Adam H 1

    Luck of the draw ..

    My crackberry still has no data but 2 colleagues are using theres with no problem, I was on the verge of phoning them back this morning to say I had been fobbed off about some nonsense about an outage until I seen the reg article.

    Havent had Blackberry data since about 3:30am and its still down.

  37. ExRLCBod

    Latest News is apparently

    Fibre break was due to vandalism, engineers are on site, still no time to fix.

  38. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Alll ok at Heathrow

    Title says it all

  39. Anonymous Coward

    @ business is important - careful about reviews which is NOT concerned purely with price..

    how come no ISP reviewed has 2 stars or less?? (some have 0 stars but are not reviewed)

    LMAO Tiscali has "average" 2 1/2 stars & Arnolds listed as probably the best opens 9-5 Mon-Fri ..

    any wonder why Business UK is in trouble when we judge s*** service as "average" ...

    I'm off to get my Colt account as we can afford to lose contact with customers for 2 days..

    oops.. I can't place my order as I'm with Orange....

  40. Justabloke 1

    started last night...

    I lost my Orange BB services last night.... about 11.30. so if its still down then it must be quite major :(

  41. PhilCalvert

    Back up at 7pm

    I've just got off the phone with Orange - their call centre team have been told that service should be restored by 7pm tonight.

  42. Nik Owen

    I spoke too soon :-(

    my BB had been working all morning, came out of a meeting and hey presto no data.

    but one battery pull and it's back. very slow but back.

  43. GlennPhillips

    Getting mail again

    Stopped getting msgs about 3am - Blackberry has been gprs (lower-case) all day, just rebooted seeing as comments indicated service resumed - and getting some through in Enfied - but painfully slow.

  44. peter garner

    "Fibre break was due to vandalism"

    If that's the case I hate to think what will happen if there's a terrorist attack. As I understand it, there's a procedure in place where the emergency services take over a major part of the mobile networks, but if the network's already damaged there'll not be a lot of point.

    Mine's the one with the tin foil hat...

  45. HonkingAntelope

    Orange = FAIL

    Orange Home Max went down for me at 11.02 last night ... last time my iPod synced for emails .... just rang home and it seems to be back now.

    Second problem in as many weeks, looks like after all these years of reliable service I'm gonna have to switch to another ISP.

    BTW I live in Sheerness in Kent.

  46. Sheppy
    IT Angle

    it was the "OrangeVPN" AP that didn't work for me

    Switched to "Orangeinternet" first thing this morning and it's been fine apart from the odd no gateway reply, but that's something you get used to on Orange!

  47. Anonymous Coward

    Dont you just hate it.....

    I had this problem first thing and went to the orange web site. If you log in to your account you are greeted with a service status page..... all day it says "No Known Issues". We use 65 blackberrys and I have just got off the phone to Oranges competition..... Apart from laughing at the shower in the fruit bowl they have done us a real good deal!

    Not sure about the Oranges you guys are looking at but my one has grey and green mold growing on it.... Maybe time for a change.

  48. Anonymous Coward

    Vandalised Fibre Cable the cause..

    Orange customer service have advised us that the failure has been caused by vandalism to one of their fibre links. They should have a workaround to restore connectivity by 7pm.

  49. dervheid

    Broadband Working Ok...

    in Central Jockland.

    Not that anyone gives a toss!

  50. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Orange has gone Pear Shape

    that's all really, just wanted to get an obvious pun in.


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