back to article Dell shoots low for SMBs

If you are a small and medium business getting ready to buy servers or storage, Dell wants to talk to you. Dell fancies itself as a big player to big customers in the server biz, but it really got its start among the small and medium businesses who first took a shining to its direct sales model and less expensive x86 PCs, and …


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Anonymous Coward

No chance...

After dealing with Dells technical support and engineers in the past year or so I will no longer touch them with a barge pole, or anyone elses barge pole come to that.

The engineer I had on site was a clown and actually made a computer worse and their technical support people are complete idiots who cannot deviate from their script...

So they can shoot all they like...

Anonymous Coward
Anonymous Coward


for regurgitating the propapganda from Dell...

Last server (and it will definitely be the last) I got from Dell rattled with loose screws in the case. They've obviously cut corners by not bothering to secure components to the case but still including the screws to allow the customer to do it for them - kind of like Ikea for PCs.

I complained and was told that quality checking would not have allowed that - and clearly the screws were obviously loosened and fell out during transit and that was the end of the matter.

I'd hate to see a package actually being rotated that quickly that screws would spontaneously loosen.

I guess they can't be bothered with repeat business nowadays.

Anonymous Coward

Dell pricing - yeah, right!

"......the new boxes would be available in September with prices starting at $599...."

.....unless, of course, you're a Dell Partner in which case the new boxes will be available on the PartnerPortal in September at suitably inflated prices , thus reducing your competitiveness.

Anonymous Coward

@ AC - re Thanks

Dell servers are toolless (i.e. screw-less) chassis designs and have been for several generations, so I don't know what you're talking about.

Actually, I like the Dell designs - they have strong thick metal boxes, a solid drive carrier design and metal bezels. The latest HP's are a flimsy affair and they are selling plastic bezels.

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