back to article HTC inks in Android-based Tattoo

Some people eventually regret tattoos as they age, but HTC has designed an Android-based smartphone that it hopes you’ll always want about your person. HTC_Tattoo_01 Aspects of HTC's Tattoo can be personalised Called Tattoo, the smartphone will supposedly deliver “broad personalisation to the masses”, HTC claimed, by …


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A suggestion

What would be nice is that mobile phones could be configurable like PCs.

Want a good camera? That's £100.

Don't want the good camera, that's £25 less.

Want fast CPU, add £25, etc, etc

Wifi? Not really.

3G/unlimited internet - yes.



Except that operating systems could no longer be tweaked to match the hardware, at least not without needing to install a bunch of kernel patches after every update, which would make future software updates difficult at best.

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