back to article Samsung intros Europe's first Nvidia Ion netbook

Samsung formally launched its Nvidia Ion-based netbook, the N510, at IFA this week - though the machine has been available to buy in Europe for a week or so, if you look hard enough. The N510 also sports an 11.6in, 1366 x 768 display, which will surely appeal to folk who find the netbook-standard 1024 x 600 too cramped. …


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Can't wait for a review

I'll be interested to see how the ION platform stands up. I've just got a sneaky feeling it's not as good as it's cracked up to be.

Is the power draw something like 10W no? Battery life will be crap; still can't play bleeding edge games (like you bought a netbook for that anyway). But you might be able to play HD on a 12" screen.

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If that had a dual core processor, it wouldn't be far off the spec for my Sony TZ... which cost 3x as much about 18 months ago..

@Spencer, at least there is now some competition against the current Netbook "status quo" where everything seems to be the same!


darn :(

Just ordered an NC10. Admittedly it's the size i wanted, the weight i wanted, tried/tested and well reviewed, and has a sim slot which is the primary reason i bought it. Trust something new to come out the day after i place an order, technology eh :s

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