back to article Toshiba: Window Mobile 6.5 will make TG01 a 'new' phone

Toshiba is revamping its TG01 Windows Mobile smartphone. Well, sort of. The hardware's staying the same so far as we can judge - it's just getting a Windows Mobile 6.5 upgrade. Still, that's enough for Toshiba to claim the update as a "new" model: the TG01 Windows Phone. Toshiba TG01 Toshiba's TG01: will get Windows Mobile …


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Excellent work. That should help the hackers get downloadable WM6.5 ROMs out for anybody to upgrade from WM6.

Of course, Microsoft could then sue for copyright infringement but they'd be muppets so to do. If they want to keep people on Windows Mobile they'd be well advised to let people maintain their interest.

It wouldn't make sense to distribute it free, naturally, since consumers would delay buying sparkly new phones, but stemming the flow to AN Other mobile OS has to be the top priority, even if it costs a bit in the short-term.



I've had the WinMo 6.5 for a while. It's a Zune like GUI, with really not much added functionality, at least on the version I got.

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