back to article Philips cautious on 3D TV plans

That stalwart of the screenplay, William Goldman, summarises Hollywood in one brief statement: “Nobody knows anything.” This appears to be apt to describe the state of 3D TV at present, if Philips’ stance is anything to go by. Philips 3D TV prototype Philips keeps its options open: this 3D prototype relies on a polarising …


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  1. Stephen Penna

    Without glasses

    Years ago (15 of them, probably!) I saw a demo of a Philips no-glasses 3D display, and it blew my fragile little mind (I was only little..). So they've had the technology for ages, but it really is a case of market demand + content availability.

    It really was impressive, though.

  2. TimHa

    Design Engineer

    That is "lenticular", not particular. Same 'ol Philips stuff, projections all over the map, hedge your bets by betting on everything. I've been involved in the Philips lenticular development, and this is not likely to be accepted by consumers (too finicky on exact head placement). In fact, Philips recently closed down it's commercial development of this technology, so there is that for a vote of confidence.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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