back to article Toshiba claims 2.5-inch disk leadership

Toshiba claims it has launched "the highest capacity 2.5-inch drive to date", at 640GB. Well, maybe not. Seagate quietly launched a 640GB, 2.5-inch FreeAgent Go in June and Western Digital's Scorpio Blue is a 1TB 2.5-inch drive which was announced in July. As Reg Hardware notes the new MK6465GSX Tosh drive has two platters, …


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Anonymous Coward

Quite incredible how far we've come

This drive here from Toshiba:

Stores 400 times more STASI surveillance data than this drive from the 1990's:


@Quite incredible how far we've come

Ok that drive is cute. And interesting unit of measure for the STASI surveillance data. Should be added to the list :)

Trouble I see with claiming they got it first is that someone didn't bother reading the memo saying that they failed and Seagate got their first. Then again this is why I don't bother with the marketing dribble that comes out of these companies. Hard numbers from benchmarks not this crap saying in super optimal conditions with our left nut in one hand and our thumb up the bosses ass we were able to get performance like this, when in the real world your more likely to get struck by lightning 3-4 times in one day before you see it yourself.


Toshiba comment and a Seagate one

From Toshiba:

"The MK6465GSX has been launched as the largest capacity 2.5-inch hard drive available to OEMs to date. To our knowledge the Seagate drive which you have drawn our attention to has not yet been announced by Seagate as an OEM product and it is not listed on Seagate's website, so we cannot verify its technical specifications. We can't offer any comment on HDDs produced by other manufacturers. We can confirm that the HDD launched by Toshiba today is in production and available to select OEMs as part of integration evaluation worldwide. "

From Seagate:

"FreeAgent Go features the 2-disk Seagate Momentus hard drive. The internal version is forthcoming. "

Cheers ... Chris.

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