back to article 5 men named in racket that netted $4m in stolen card data

Prosecutors in Manhattan have named five additional men from Eastern Europe in an alleged scheme that pilfered $4m using more than 95,000 stolen credit cards. Using handles such as "the Viver," "Inexwor," and "DoZ," the men were part of an international conspiracy that reached half-way around the world to snatch the payment …


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All this at taxpayer expense...

The city of New York, the FBI, and any other agencies involved in this should sue the credit card companies to recover the expenses incurred deterring people from breaking the pathetic security measures the payment card industry uses.


Security joke

Most of the card industry is a security joke.

Even when they're not getting data stolen en-mass, they impliment things like chip and pin which are inherently flawed.

It used to be that a shop would actually touch and look at the card and your signature.

Since chip and pin you don't even hand the card over. You stick it into the slot and punch in the numbers.

This means there is sod all chance of me, a white male, being spotted using the card of "Mrs Jones", "Mr Mohamed" or "Mr Singh". All of which might have been noticed in the past.

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