back to article Malware thrown on California bush fires

California bush fires that have destroyed 50 homes and ten commercial buildings - and claimed the lives of two firefighters - have become the latest lure for malware scams. Surfers searching for information about fires in the Auburn area using terms such as "auburn fire map" are presented with a list that includes pointers to …


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Black Helicopters

I wonder...

...when we'll see the first disaster started for the explicit purpose of distributing malware. Or has that already occured? Fires are notoriously easy to start.

Tin-foil-hat time.

Silver badge

"Mac malware, specifically Jahlav-C"

There is no such fecking thing as Mac malware. Macs are awesome and unbreakable and secure by design and even the buffer overflow attack cower in fear of the mighty Macs. Everyone knows that, especially the frigging bladdy marroon who had the ho-so brilliant idea to replace all the old iMacs runnins OS9 by spanking new Slow Leper machines. In the labs. Were people were running nothing but their loved and customized OS9 apps (most of which had never been ported to Leopard in the first place). By specialized I mean "my Oh-so-very customized PCR primer design app which was fine-tuned for years to take full advantage of the NCBI Genebank API", and by "replace" I mean Howwwwdy-Howww! This morning your good old machine is not there anymore, but this one is better! (which is probably true, btw, but it's totally irrelevant). Oh, and there are a lot of hardware issues, too. So thanks to some genial Apple fanboy, all the good old trusted machines have been replaced with boxes with an untested, unsupported OS on them. A good two-third of the labgeek pool is unable to work because of course, most of our specialized apps won't be ported to Slow Leper before next year, and half of the keyboards won't reliably work untill next month. Who the frigging frack replaces a trusted production OS by a 2-days-old shiny pixy-juice-powered unstable "upgrade"? Without any frigging kid of notice? Certainly not someone who has to bother about real work being done, or about keeping the lusers quiet, for that matter. Seriously, I used to be kinda neutral in the "Apple vs the Rest of The World" war, but that does it. Apple Fanbuoys need to die. Now. All of them. For the sake of the people who actually do some work. (no, checking the internet for updates on S. Jobs health does *not* count as an IT diploma, despite most Apple Lusers seem to believe*)

End of rant.

* To be honest, it's only marginally worst than thinking that a MCSE is of any worth, but the current rant is focussed at Apple so STFU.

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