back to article Venezuela to ban violent videogames?

An end to the sale of violent videogames in Venezuela has moved one step closer to becoming a reality. Venezuela’s National Assembly recently considered the Prohibition of Video Games and Toy Weapons bill, which it subsequently approved after just one debate. The bill’s exact details aren’t widely known, but the title …


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are they going to realise that games don't make you violent. Just because some nutcase killer played Halo doesn't mean he's killing because of Halo. He's killing because he's nuts. That sorta crap comes from upbringing, social interaction and a million other non-gaming stimulae.

Once they ban games and people STILL kill and rape, then what. Hey guess what assholes? People have been nuts and killin' each other since before the microchip!

Oh, Hitler played chess with valves? BASTARD!

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NAFTA this!

Will smuggle drugs, guns for game. Ahh... one more step to a more open^H^H^H^Hblack market.

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