back to article Web-based Office misses August appointment

Microsoft has promised the planned web version of its Office applications will be available for testing "soon," after missing its August deadline. A company spokesperson told The Reg Friday: "At WPC, we said the Office Web applications technical preview would tentatively be available in the August timeframe. While they will …


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Redundant parts

"Making the applications available online posed a challenge to the core-on site business of SAP in the same way Office Web apps will make customers question the need for a full version of Office 2010."

...or, indeed, the Windows client should it happen that, by some miracle, Web Office works with standards-based browsers. An obstacle removed for those low-TCO desktops people keep going on about? Perhaps not, but is that a gamble Millisoft are prepared to take?

"It ain't done until Firefox won't run."



Maybe they're trying to figure out how to invalidate the patents and tech they stole from i4i while simultaneously being a strong lobbyist for software patents? That way they can profit from their theft while still preventing others from using stuff they patented (but didn't necessarily invent).

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MS friends will not like this

I mean the hardware supplies who rely on MS to bloat up their OS with every release, making it the biggest single app on your drive and mandating you need a new PC every 18-24 months.

They are MS's only true friends.

So the actual challenge will be to make Office accessable in a way that *still* requires you to upgrade every 18-24 months.

Hmm. Mandatory "Indexing service" to fast disk space with every file you add?

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