back to article Apple working on Mac tablet in addition to 10in iPod?

Here's a twist to the Apple iTablet story: in addition to the 10in scaled up iPod Touch model, the Mac maker is also working on 13in and 15in models, both running Mac OS X. So says a mole who, according to Gizmodo, has "always been 100 per cent reliable". The Throat said he saw the two tablets in a factory in Shenzuen, China. …


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"Apple thinks there's more of a market for touchscreen-controlled computers than all but a few tablet die-hard do"

I think that's right, they are well aware that touchscreen were an impractical novelty until Apple revolutionised the UI for them. The last gen of tablet PCs were awful.


15inch iPod touch

Of course I'm holding out for the 17.3inch iPod shuffle.

Anonymous Coward

Obviously fake

seeing as Apple legal has not issued El Reg with a takedown. It's that easy.


Polecat 10.7 alpha build 3756G

I came

I saw


but I didn't like it very much.


..more likely...

... that apple are working on different form factors and the release of a tablet device is still some time away.

Why on earth would they release a 10" ipod?

This is a device primarily used to listen to music on, that fits neatly into most standard pocket sizes.

10" is not a good iPod size, however, it *is* close to the size of a paperback - in other words, it's a good eBook / video viewing size.

I suppose it's feasible that Apple could release two or three sizes of Tablet - similar to the iPod offerings.

A wise man once said...

"We just don't know"


Apple needs Hercules for advertisement

Here in Canada I used to work in an awful convenience store, they had a tablet -- PC based. This was used for ordering, checking stocks, and other business related applications. Virtually, all convenience store in Canada and America have similar tablet.

Apple will have hard time popularizing "iTablet".

Here are two simple reasons:

#1 Business community prefers tablets with "changeable battery". Apple hates giving such option to their customers. Steve Jobs would gladly throw his grandmother to the wolves than give loons option of changing gadgets’ batteries.

#2 Business community desire matte screen tablet -- all apple products including iPhone are "glossy". With iPhone it’s hard to see during bright sun light. This is why Blackberry can not be replaced by iPhone. MacBook, iPhone, iPod Touch are so reflective that you can use them as shaving mirror! Until, last years they didn’t believe in “anti-reflective” LCD. Sadly, problem still persists, and Apple in their “democratic” way is “reasoning” with unhappy customers.

As you can see, this device is already in use in business community. In today's economy with Apple's pricing is not going to be easy -- save for few Mac worshipers.



I have use of a 'point-of-use' _ruggedised_ portable computer.

Something larger than a palm/PDA but less cumbersome than a netbook (without the hinge) would be nice. Input would have to be touch screen/ touchscreen keyboard or less desirably, a graffit type set up.

Wireless internet.

Built in phone would be even nicer.

It'd have to be rugged and cheap and have a decent lifespan, and battery lifespan.

As much as I hate the jesus phone (It's a great concept, but I hate the fact that it's so 'closed' and restricted by default, and that most of my mates tell me the phone itself is rubbish as a phone), if they package it in a bigger more rugged package, I might consider it.

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