back to article Microsoft re-jigs Xbox 360 range

Rumours of changes to the Xbox 360 line-up were true. Microsoft has confirmed it will increase the Arcade model’s price, phase out the Pro and slash the Elite's price. From tomorrow, the Xbox 360 Arcade’s price will rise by £30 to £160 - it's staying at $199 in the US – but you won’t get any more for your money. Conversely, …


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What I still don't understand..

Why anyone would waste their cash on a £200 (or even £160) when you can get a PS3 for a few quid more that so much quieter, far better build, far better featured, free to play online and has all the decent exclusives this year...

Any cost saving on the Elite is wiped out the instant you sign up for Xbox Live. Any saving on the Arcade is wiped out the moment you buy an overpriced proprietary Microsoft harddrive (and you will need to buy one, as Forza3 won't work otherwise...)

Right now either Xbox isn't worth £100 let alone double that, when the PS3 packs Blu-Ray, proper HD Audio (7.1 uncompressed), Wifi, Web Browser, free online, Home, VidZone and so forth...




You keep on kidding yourself pal!

With all these horrible flaws, inferior capabilities and extra expenses it says a lot more about the PS3 than the Xbox.

IF such a horrid company as Microsoft can turn out such a shite, waste of space console and then shaft people every step of the way for more money, how the fuck can it continue to keep pace with or outsell such a 'perfect' product as you make the ps3 out to be?

Maybe the pi$$ 3 isn't actually that desirable, is still too expensive, has a smaller games library, is too ugly and forces the customer to pay for technology that plenty of people simply don't give a flying fuck about.

P.S hope you are still looking forward to reaping the benefits of the slim ps3 saving you 1p per gaming hour in electricity costs over the xbox :-)

Viva 360!

(Written by Reg staff)

@20legend @MarkOne

Enough of this 'my willy's longer than yours' orb-tossing, please. Save it for the gaming mags.


You buy a 360 to... 360 games on, you buy a PS3 to play PS3 games on.

People with the income/ will to/ passion for it, will buy both, and the people making twisted comments about a particular machine either can't afford both or Mommy and Daddy say you can't have the other one until your birthday. And they are bitter about it.

I echo Tony's comments, fk off and do something more productive for society. Like drinking alcohol and masturbating to reducing your chances of ever producing children.

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