back to article OCZ pitches 'best value' SLC SSD

OCZ claims is latest solid-state drive is the most cost-effective model based on speedy single-layer cell (SLC) Flash technology. Most SSDs on sale today of any significant capacity use cheaper but slower multi-layer cell (MLC) Flash to deliver storage of between 64GB and 256GB at reasonable - but still more than hard drive - …


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  1. Des
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    How fast?

    That's a great transfer rate; I just rebuilt my PC at home using two 500GB Western Digital Caviar Black (7200rpm and 32MB cache) in RAID0 and I short-stroked them (created a 256GB partition) and get 175MB/s. Plus I bet my access time of 9.3ms gets blown away by the SSD; I only have a USB flash ReadyBoost flash drive, but that manages 0.5ms!

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