back to article NetApp flashes array SSD

NetApp's Jay Kidd has told SearchStorage that the company's storage arrays will have solid state drives (SSD) announced for them by the end of the year. Currently NetApp has a two-pronged flash strategy. The first is to have flash caches in its array controllers, the Performance Accelerator Modules (PAM). PAM I is deliverable …


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Pre-announcement of a pre-announcement?

Am I reading this right - are NetApp making a pre-announcement of an announcement that they *will* make by the end of the year announcing that SSD *will* be available for their arrays?

Hmmmm...... too little, too late I think.


Netapp's got this exactly right...


"PAM II was announced last Friday and provides up to 4TB of single level cell (SLC) flash for a controller. It accelerates read I/O for everything in the attached array that is accessed through the controller."

This is exactly the right way for NetApp to use Flash, and a SAS SSD would be exactly wrong. Netapp is a NAS vendor after all, why on earth would they incorporate Flash as a SCSI block-device on SAS when they can put it on the (orders-of-magnitude-faster) processor local bus???

I'm guessing NetApps pre-announcement is just there to quiet down the unknowing folks who don't yet understand why it's really dumb to put fast silicon storage behind a serial SCSI inteface.

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