back to article Small businesses cheer on economy

British small businesses are getting bullish about the future - nearly three-quarters of them are increasingly confident about the economy. A survey of small businesses from Barclays Commercial found 57 per cent of respondents said they were "hopeful" about the economic outlook and a further 17 per cent were "excited" about …


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Anonymous Coward

Technology is now last out first back

LOFB'ing business, that just shows ow reliant business is on technology, now.

This is just another cycle, and it looks like the real reason was a land grab in the breadbaskets of the world, amongst a multitude of others.

The worse result though is the high tax in the UK, so what if your business does well you are paying most of it out in the tax, hardly an incentive to do well, now is it. So, eyes cast around the EU for places to set up business, which of course is the another reason for the recession so the EU can solidify its position, by creating a greater diversification of people. And what was the real reason for Lichtenstein opening up the books, and letting the Fourth Reich gain access.

Bloody New World Chaos.

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