back to article Adobe rubberstamps (only) CS4 for Snow Leopard

Adobe has announced that its Creative Suite 4 (CS4) has been tested and cleared for use on Apple's new Snow Leopard operating system. But it has no plans to test the compatibility of earlier versions. If you own CS3 or earlier, according to an Adobe FAQ (PDF), you're on your own. "Older versions of Adobe creative software were …


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Anonymous Coward

This story's still moving

the latest news from Nack's blog is that Photoshop CS3 has been found to work just fine with a couple of minor quirks, although he's not in a position to say anything about any other parts of the suite.


errr... rosetta?

i'm running photoshop cs1 on 10.5 under rosetta, no problems......and dreamweaver 3, freehand 8, flash 4....these stories about software not running natively are a little misleading.


Sorry, but this just ain't news...

It's being reported *everywhere*. Set your clock back 2 years and you'll see that Adobe did this to Vista *and* Leopard (see and for details, usual DANGER, PDF!!! warnings apply). Adobe do it with every new OS release. I wouldn't be at all surprised to see the same for Windows 7. Adobe are greedy money grabbing shysters. The uptake of the frankly overpriced and lacklustre CS4 has been poor and they are using this as an excuse to screw more money out of it's unsuspecting customers. Both Microsoft and Apple get criticised for being greedy, but this lot really take the biscuit.


Adobe taking advantage

I'm sure it can't be so, not supporting recentish software on snow-leopard, despite it only being a cleaned up and very slightly tweaked version of leopard. I am sure they won't make any extra sales, and no IT mangers will take the opportunity to senior managers and say "got to upgrade now"

Oh, and I'm an onion

Pirates - cos that's what they arrr!


The amount Adobe charges us in the UK enough to fund our own UK-based software test facility with hot and cold running caviar and gold plated workstations.


What's New?

Same old, Same old....

So many versions to choose from in the past decade.

If Apple didn't change their OS and Hardware manufacturers so often business could adapt much easier.

9.2 in 1999

10.0 in 2001

10.1 in Late 2001/2002

10.2 (Jaguar) in 2003

10.3 (Panther) in 2004

10.4 (Tiger) in 2006

10.5 (Leopard) in 2007/2008

10.6 (Snow Leopard) in 2009

Don't get me wrong, I like Mac's and the more recent OS BUT trying to keep up with Motorolla (G3, G4), IBM (G5), and now Intel Mac's. With eight major OS releases (and their sometimes not so great patches (10.2.7 which broke Firewire Drives) makes it terribly expensive to buy the new OS, discover it won't run on my 2 year old hardware--buy new hardware to find that something like Adobe or Quark won't run on either new hardware OR software gets very tedious.

Three processor/chassis/manufacturer changes in one decade.

Eight OS versions in the same decade.

Dropped support on both after barely three years of operation on each level--

Countless applications that break, or require paid updates/upgrades after each hardware/OS change

Way too expensive to keep up, or stay up, or catch up.....

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