back to article SSD flag bearer to quickly hit $2bn valuation

The solid-state drive streets are paved with gold for STEC, which is about to vault to a $2bn market capitalization. The company's share price is hovering at a whisker below $40, and its present market capitalisation is $1.98bn. The stock appreciation has been fantastic: at the start of this year shares were a mere $4.67. The …


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STEC Bubble

Why do you think the Moshayedi brothers (CEO and COO) just sold off $300 million of their personal holdings (over 90%) in STEC?

What do the Moshayedi's know that the rest of us schmucks don't know? The CTO of SanDisk let the cat out of the bag at the Flash Summit two weeks ago. He told folks there what everyone in the business of building silicon foundries already knows. The price declines that all the analysts are predicting will fuel SSD growth? They aren't going to happen.

Bubble indeed...STEC=ISLN.

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