back to article Bose updates high-end headphones

Headphone manufacturer Bose has upped the ante in disturbance elimination, launching what it claims are its best performing and quietest cans to date. bose_QC15_01 Bose's QuietComfort 15 cans: loud, proud and very comfy The QuietComfort (QC) 15 Acoustic Noise Cancelling headphones surpass Bose’s previous models by, the …


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£249 in the UK on, and I think my wife paid more in their shop.

Thats for the Acoustic 2, nowhere near £181 even allowing for VAT when it goes back to 17.5%. I wouldnt be surprised if the new ones were even more.

Another purchase lost to the UK subsidiary then and something to get on my next US trip. I should feel guilty about the loss of revenue to the local economy (after all it all adds up) and tax base, but given how shops in the UK and HMG just rip us all off, I dont.

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