back to article Logitech intros shiny-surface loving mice

Logitech has introduced a couple of mice it claims will work as well on a glass-topped table as it will on a rather less shiny one. Logitech Anywhere Mouse MX Logitech's Anywhere Mouse MX: works on glass The mouse maker calls the underlying technology Darkfield Laser Tracking and it's good for any high-gloss surface and …


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Logitech Trackball

Dear Reg.HW

How does one find out if Logitech will ever re-vamp it's Trackball range? I'm a trackball user (heavily) and hate mice for almost every reason and would like to update my current Logitech Trackman thingy, but to what?!

Are they still producing/supporting them or must I go else where now?

Could do with a side-scrolling wheely thing and better radio or Bluetooth connection.


FazZ [^_^]

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