back to article Eurocrats ask Apple to explain immolating iPhones

The European Commission appears to have been taken in by the media hoopla over exploding iPhones, and has asked Apple to explain what's going on. A Commission spokeswoman this week revealed that Apple has responded to this request. The company claimed the reported cases were "isolated incidents" and that it would investigate …


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  1. gautam

    Its a Feature - You nuts !

    Us Fanbois think its a "Feature" for sinning against the holy man! (Sinning = jailbreaking, unlocking, tinkering, disapproved apps. etc etc).

    Its a divine wrath upon the unfaithful!

    When will you guys get it, huh??

    Even Apple's gonna come up with a statement to that effect, which is part of the customer "experience" for the unenlightened!

  2. spencer


    "As with all Apple-related stories, this one appears to have achieved a degree of media attention that past stories of exploding Nokias, Sony Ericssons, Motorolas et al have not."

    If we can get our hands on the number (if they exist) of exploding phones for every manufacturer then we can finally silence the idots who say that the iphone is an overpriced Nathan-Barley-killing hazard... and also silence the iphone defenders and then we can all just move on.

  3. David Halko

    Hmmm... what happens when...

    "Other incidents appear to centre on devices that detonated during efforts to tinker with the gadget's innards, or with secondhand iPhones that make have been modified by earlier owners."

    Hmmm... what happens when i adjust the phone to remove the protecting coating from the battery terminals and the battery terminals get shorted???

    (flame for obvious reasons!)

  4. no_RS

    Pop goes the...

    What happens when you short the battery terminals? that depends whether it is has a protection cct, if it does the protection cct in the li-po battery kicks in and limits the discharge current so it doesn't go bang! If not it probably will get really hot, generate pressure inside and ultimately vent it's contents or catch fire.

    What most people do not realise is just how much power there is in one of these packs, you don't mess about with a car battery but any old gadget with a battery pack is fair game.

    Stupidity is a real force in the world (if we could harness it, there is probably enough the power the planet and stop us worrying about global warming).

This topic is closed for new posts.

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