back to article Info Tribunal appeals to split from January

People appealing against rulings by the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) will face a new tribunal structure from January next year. The Information Tribunal, which hears appeals on ICO rulings, will become part of a wider system. Under the new regime, which awaits Parliamentary approval, very serious or very complex …


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and the result will be...

No change - just more delay, and more opportunity to strike out pesky complaints from the sheep who believe the ICO will actually do anything which either would help or adversely affect a data controller.

I have given up with the ICO and just use the provisions in section 7 of the 1998 Data Protection Act to go to court myself now.

Epic fail -the government has totally emasculated a not very effective organisation, It is cheaper for a company to just pay lipservice to the DPA Act and the miniscule chance of getting a fine than to abide by the spirit of the Act.

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