back to article Next-gen Intel mobile processors out next month

Intel's upcoming Nehalem-class mobile quad-core processors - codenamed 'Clarksfield' - may debut a little sooner than expected. Originally anticipated in October, the three CPUs - two mainstream parts and an Extreme gaming-centric chip - will actually be launched on 23 September, according to Intel documents website Xbit Labs …


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ohhh must put on wedding list



Anyone tried one yet?

Nice one!

I think I'll be sticking with my x9100 for a while longer though :-)

Wonder are there ESs out in the wild that us poor folk might be able to get our hands on yet?

Power!!! :-)


Paris Hilton

With all due respect Lionel

But I have to ask "Why?"

What do you actually use your laptop for that requires this level of performance? Sure, I'd love an i7 in my desktop and I may well do that soon but in a laptop?

I just don't get it. I'd prefer a full size laptop with atom + ion to power it. Such a jobby would have reasonable performance and extra long battery life to boot.

Unfortunately intel don't want me to have that and are artificially restricting the atom to 10" screens.

I just wish AMD would come out with something along the lines of the atom and proceed to rub intels arrogant nose in it.

Jobs Halo

Macbook with i5, i7 along with Snow Leopard.

So will Apple launch a new Macbook pro with Snow Leopard featuring i5,i7 processor P55 Chipset. The advantage being the new OS has the ability to use the Graphics processor for numbering crunching, and also the OS is tuned to running multiple cores.

The recent price drop of the macbook pro 13.3 to £787 @ dixons seems to make this look likely.

Seems a fairly steep price drop just to replace with a identical model with a different OS, which is a free upgrade. Apple have obviously got the numbers wrong on this particular model (and don't want to be stuck with old stock) , as all others are the same original price.

@Goat Jam, just look out for a machine with the Intel ULV Processor 3500 Solo, this is similar in spec to the Atom regarding power and doesn't have any of the restrictions - also being matched to NVidia Ion Chipset - see Acer's new Timeline series.

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