back to article Sun sets on Solaris Express Community Edition

Despite the public-relations muzzle on employees at Sun Microsystems these days, the OpenSolaris project has announced that it will discontinue the Solaris Express Community Edition distro of the Solaris Unix variant. According to the posting on the OpenSolaris site, Sun will stop spinning Solaris Express Community Edition "by …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Is Solaris 11 due before Christmas?

    By discontinuing Solaris Express now it will ensure that it will not complete with Solaris 11.

    The question is where Solaris 11 is due before the end of year or early next year.

  2. Anonymous Coward


    Last published date was Summer 2010, I believe.

    I can't believe Sun is killing SXCE. OpenSolaris is for the GNU kiddies, SXCE is for REAL developers who want to test!

  3. Oninoshiko
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    every other week

    SXCE has always been intended to be relased every other week, although occationally some bug slips in that is considered bad enough to skip it.

    Please check "facts."

    I do not work for SUN, I am just a member of the community. My opinions are my own and not representitive of anyone else.

  4. David Halko
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    OpenSolaris Moves Ahead! (consumed SPARC64 and now SXCE!)

    Timothy Prickett Morgan writes, "Sun also decided that the proper abbreviation for this software was SXCE."

    That is an odd statement, I always remember SXCE being the abbreviation for "Solaris Express Community Edition". Sun has been referencing the abbreviation for years - perhaps you have been missing it? For example:

    Timothy Prickett Morgan writes, "Fujitsu's Sparc64 family of processors was not mentioned as being supported with OpenSolaris 2009.06 back in June. Go figure. No one at Sun answers questions these days."

    That's funny - I addressed this concern (Sun has confirmed OpenSolaris runs on SPARC64) back in June, when you wrote a question in an article concerning the OpenSolaris support of SPARC64. Perhaps you just missed it, here is the same link I Posted Tuesday 2nd June 2009 01:45 GMT.

    Here is another (different) reference which indicates the complete listing of supported SPARC platforms. Note, the M series listed in the supported platforms are all SPARC64.

    Anonymous Posted Tuesday 11th August 2009 22:49 GMT, "I can't believe Sun is killing SXCE. OpenSolaris is for the GNU kiddies, SXCE is for REAL developers who want to test!"

    Sun is not "killing" SXCE - basically, the newer OpenSolaris binary distribution is basically consuming older SXCE binary distribution.

    When another Anonymous poster suggested in June that "OpenSolaris is *NOT* 'basically the Solaris 11 release'" that SXCE/SXDE was, I Posted Wednesday 3rd June 2009 04:00 GMT: "OpenSolaris"... "is the evolution beyond Solaris 10"... "the next generation of Solaris that is being built in to the OpenSolaris community"

    The community knew about this for awhile - it was just a matter of time until the new distribution consumed the older distribution.

    I appreciate Timothy Prickett Morgan's articles - keep those updates coming to the business community about the latest & greatest info from Sun and their competitors!!!

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton


    Pronounced "sexy", presumably.

    Well that isn't very grown-up is it?

    What a strange topsy-turvy world it is, with opensource product names more sensible than closed-source ones...

  6. Anonymous Coward

    SXCE and SXDE

    'Pronounced "sexy", presumably. Well that isn't very grown-up is it?'

    ummm... actually, it went along side SXDE and there is no real pronunciation for that abbreviation.

    maybe you need to get your mind out of the gutter and stop thinking about paris hilton!


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